Getting Started with Bildhive

Our onboarding services are designed to ensure that your team members are trained to get the most out of the Bildhive platform. Our pragmatic approach to onboarding starts by understanding how you‘ll want to set up and configure the platform to suit your project needs. We will onboard your team on our 5 onboarding modules during your first project setup.

Administration & Team Management

Ideally suited for project administrators, this module will give you what you'll need to manage the project, it's performance and the team assigned to work within it.

Project Configuration

Bildhive can be used to support various new home pre-construction project types, (low-rise, high-rise, solo, group or corporate configurations). Once defined, we work with your team to ensure that they are trained on how to structure it's set up so that it performs optimally.

Product Management

During this stage, we train your team on how to format and structure your home plans, site plan, condo units, condo grids, and features so they work efficiently within Bildhive.

Marketing & Communications Management

Suited for team members who are responsible for establishing the projects marketing campaigns, this module teaches your team how to utilize all the designer tools in Bildhive. Here they will learn how to design and create websites, landing pages, broker portals, e-mail communications and touchscreens so they drive leads and support your sales team.

Customer & Transaction Management

Once your project is set up, we will take your team through Bildhive's CRM where they will learn how to take a prospect to a final sale. We will show them how they can manage tasks, set up appointments, nurture and convert leads into a final sale.